Designing a website and establishing a layout within it is as simple as it is subtle and confusing. Even after our website has been launched, some minor things may be overlooked, which can cause great difficulties for us. In fact, this potential is so great that a step we skipped today can raise different problems months later if we didn’t realize it at the moment. So why exactly do all these problems occur? Are there any methods to solve these and restore our website?


Lead Gate Media is visiting another planet in the digital universe today and sharing with you the precautions you can take for possible deficiencies in your website… Are all the details listed below available on your website without any exhaustion? Read on and decide!


Branded Website

We make choices for web themes through certain sites. As a result, millions of people around the world buy themes using the same tools and generally turn to economical options. It may be the only option to purchase an affordable template and start adding your content. However, when your business is successful, taking this web layout to the next level becomes inevitable.


Companies follow these steps most of the time, but they wonder why their website isn’t working. At this point, they overlook certain things they actually need before designing the website. It’s like giving importance to content, not design. But when opening a store, don’t we focus on decoration first and then the product or the decoration that suits the product we are going to sell? This is how a web design process works. Once you’ve made a nice design and built a smoothly functioning infrastructure, now is the time to showcase the contents!


A Precious Sign: Logo

The name of our brand, the theme of our website, the concept of our content… The more meticulous we are when choosing these, the more self-sacrificing we have to be when designing the logo, which is our company’s signature. If everything else is flawless but your logo is not of sufficient quality, your first look may not be impressive enough. Even in all this turmoil, we come across companies that completely forget the logo part and skip it.


If you are dreaming of building a seamless system, make sure that a perfect logo is included in that dream. And remember, you need enough time to design a logo and a single shot. Do not hesitate to let your creativity talk about the logo.


Blog Page

I aim to sell the following product. Do I really need a blog? You don’t, but SEO does. More precisely, to perform more efficiently in terms of SEO, you definitely need to include a blog page and content that meets SEO criteria on this blog page. Although this is not considered an obligation, once you know about the advantages it will offer you, you don’t want to leave it to chance.


Your blog page is of great importance not only for SEO but also for user experience. Even people who do research on any subject and do not intend to buy a product can visit your blog and this will be extra traffic for you. And we don’t think the extra traffic hurt anyone. So a website without a blog is missing? Our answer is: Yes!


Don’t Take It Slow!

Congratulations! You’ve managed to create a perfect website, but what is that? Your website is running slow and loading slowly. Sorry, but at this point, both the SEO and the users visiting the site can get a little annoyed. It is important to have an infrastructure suitable for the products you will sell and all the data you will include on the website. If we skip this part at the beginning, then it will not be compensated for.


While building your website, if you are planning to include thousands of products, thousands of images, and even videos; Try to make sure you have a solid infrastructure and hosting system. And, as we said, plan this first.


Never Skip Updates!

Both web and plug-in updates, content, product, and blog updates; It is an indispensable element for improving the performance of your website. Especially if you have a WordPress dashboard, do not ignore the daily update notifications and make sure you complete all updates. If everything works perfectly in the panel part, this time, be sensitive about updating the content on your website.


In addition to keeping your site up-to-date by constantly entering new data and products, do not forget to make retroactive updates from time to time and to refresh some sentences or keywords in the content. This both provides you with high performance in terms of SEO and allows you not to fall behind other websites that constantly enter content all over the world.


If one or some of the above things are missing, keep in mind that your website may not get the results you want, and start looking for solutions quickly. If all of them are available without a hitch, congratulations! You can continue to enjoy doing flawless work in the digital world. 


If you have any questions, do not neglect to leave us comments and follow our constantly updated blog posts.