Like many terms in the SEO environment, you will find a lot of names coming from the hacker world. When we are speaking about growth hacking or search engine optimization, it’s always to refer to something that can be improved, that can be algorithmically better. We are always trying to go further. For more growth, to reach more customers, to get influence over the digital world. 


The white hat SEO is the technique that is considered the most ethical when it comes to get natural traffic on your website. The goal is essentially to make your website ranked higher on Google by following rules dictated by artificial intelligence. Today we want to share with you what are the main characteristics of such a technique. We will see how it differs from the “grey hat”. 


Quality Contents Matters!

When you are in the position of editing a website that will soon be online, one of the main aspects of this work consists in giving real value to your users. This goes for any type of writing or visual contents that you are offering to the world. A quality content is an original content!


An easy to read and typo free text is better than a copy of a wikipedia page. Doesn’t matter how hard you try, any content should be taken seriously. A video or the “contact us” category is also part of it and their quality shouldn’t be taken lightly. 


The clarity of the whole page does matter for SEO. Don’t hesitate to use dots to organize your ideas. Don’t hesitate to give an extra breath to your paragraphs to avoid killing the eyes and the interest of your readers. 


Link Baiting Yourself To Others

Another important characteristic of white hat SEO is the link baiting tragedy. If you are looking to improve your brand awareness and make yourself known digitally, one way to get to that result has proven to be very efficient. This is link baiting and that is to differentiate from click baiting which is only looking for your click with sensationalism.


While both can work together, the difference lies in the quality of your content. It has to contain such unique information and greatness that others are creating links toward your website. They are sharing your content and by doing so, putting your content in front of more eyes. 


Breaking news or timeless contents are also used as part of a link bait strategy by people working in the white hat SEO territory.


Internal Links Makes Your Website Stronger

Let’s start with the opposite. External links are the ones pointing outside your websites. For example, links toward your social media page are external links. In the contrary, internal links are the ones guiding the user to more detailed information in another part of the website they are surfing onto. 


These internal connections between your content are important for SEO. This avoids your content having to repeat itself. By creating bridges between blog pages you are improving the general landscape of your subject. The categories being like a compass in this landscape, the user will have a smooth and complete experience if he wants to dig deeper into a specific topic. 


By keeping the readers inside your website you are looking good in front of the SEO scanning system. Don’t hesitate to use internal links in your white hat SEO strategy.


Grey Hat SEO

Finally, like ethical hacking, white hat SEO is more ethical than the grey hat because it means playing by the rules. As soon as you decide to cross the lines that Google provides you are playing with fire. There are many other types of white hat techniques used to make a better ranking in Google. And some people make the choice to go even further and choose more risky behaviors in order to reach their goal faster. This is called grey hat SEO.


As we mentioned earlier, artificial intelligence is making the rules nowadays and breaking those rules can make your website blacklisted and consequently totally ignored. So it’s really up to you.


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