In the world of startups and marketing, innovations are blowing up people’s minds . As you know, digital marketing is increasingly evolving faster and faster. The number of concepts that marketing experts or SEO managers are trying to adopt to bring more scalability to their companies is massive. In order to navigate calmly on those troubled waters, you need constant adaptation and flexibility. 


Today, we want you to dive with us into the growth hacker that is sleeping inside you. What is growth hacking? And how it matters to startups are the questions that will drive all of us along this journey. Let’s dive right into it.


Hack Yourself

Unlike biohacking, growth hacking is not a new formula to hack your body. If you want an answer to the question “what is growth hacking?“, you will have to explore the digital marketing universe. This new term originated from Silicon Valley is not the result of wanting a body more performant or more creative. 


But like biohacking, growth hacking is a strategy that can be employed to get efficient results when trying to push your new startup forward. Sean Ellis, the inventor of the term, is convinced that growth is the main thing that new born startups need. That’s why he came with this view completely growth driven.


A Constant Experiment

If you are familiar with Instagram, the concept of growth hacking can be more easy to understand. Indeed, when looking for a way to grow your number of followers, you are trying different strategies to get a result. You are experimenting like a growth hacker. You need to understand what is working and what is not. 


This is the first notion you have to understand about this concept. Many startups are developing a digital marketing strategy from the very beginning. Without even having a reliable customer base. Nor having a real data driven strategy to understand their customers behaviors. You will discover the answer to “what is growth hacking?” when you will understand your needs and your weaknesses.


Free Your Creativity

Exactly like a hacker, which has a technical background, a growth hacker can be familiar with digital marketing basics and coding. So don’t hesitate to be that person which is going with the flow of his own curiosity. Innovations are all around in this wide digital horizon. Trust and try. Adopt new technologies and adapt yourself to the new trending wave. Be a continuous explorer and stay flexible, in your mind, in your work and in your life.


The road to fast growth is not an easy ride but can be obtained via creative works. Find a way to distribute contents through alternative ways. Sometimes a quick decision can offer more opportunity than a long decision making process. Surround yourself with a tech savvy team that you can work with. 


Explore Your Potential

The growth hacker will be the one always rethinking the strategies in place. Like a researcher, he will be looking for clear results for the startup. How to create a more effective way to unfold the potential of your marketing strategy? How to develop the customer base? How to create innovative ways to spread a growing product? What is growth hacking? Every step of the reflexion is bringing value and knowledge.


By experimenting new stuff you will gather more data about any behaviors or problems that your product or website is encountering. Each member of your team must be included into this process to create a brainstorming effect. Find new ideas, develop new applications, work again and analyze all the datas gathered during this process. 


The road to scalability and fast growth in the startup world is long and paved with unicorn stories. And sometimes, a hacker mindset requires just enough flexibility and curiosity to make the difference with another project. Be the change and make a difference.