Keywords, analysis, reports, statistics and probabilities… SEO is like the stock market supplement of the digital world. SEO with algorithms that are suddenly developed and updates that never fall off the agenda; still at least as mysterious and unpredictable as an Egyptian pyramid… Even its creators can no longer understand how it works (?) (what a wild jungle)


So why all this effort? What exactly is the importance of SEO for us?


The Importance of SEO # 1: Users

Countless accesses and interactions take place every day, every second, in the digital world and the web network that forms the entire ground in it. While millions of sites update themselves 24/7, millions of new domains are constantly entering this world…


Now; Imagine that all this turmoil is happening in your brain, and again, you are responsible for overcoming this situation only with brain power. Come on, being an SEO is not that easy! Millions of users and the data they produce… And they all have a purpose! But what exactly determines this purpose?


The Importance of SEO # 2: Demand

Of course the demand! Developing technology and increasing user demands. Just like fast food brands. There is demand, they are growing and they are constantly trying to adapt themselves to innovations that make life easier. That’s exactly what SEO does!


First, it analyzes the new data coming to the system, then analyzes all incoming users and their actions. After all this process with the help of his brother Google Analytics… Then it presents the web analyzing the data to the user in a certain order. But only the correct and original ones! So what exactly determines the originality of the content?


The Importance of SEO # 3: The Rules


As we said at the beginning, it is not easy to be an SEO. While doing all the above-mentioned processes, it also sets its own rules. It provides this with the security panel developed on the vulnerabilities it captures as a result of regular scans of its websites. We can say that this security panel has the most advanced censorship technology in the world.


With its analysis of countless characters and content, it perfectly creates the order of the results that will appear in searches with a certain keyword. We do not know exactly how perfect it is, but a master editor comes out of SEO. Then this editor determines the value per word for another family member, Google Adwords … So what exactly determines this value?


The importance of SEO # 4: Ranking


Just think, how many of us click on content on the third or fifth page of search results on Google? How many of us have advertised links appearing first? Not even knowing it was an advertisement. Unfortunately, someone going to see what happened on the 15th page of Google is not as common as typing “Google” on Google. This is exactly why ranking is of great importance for any web user.


To reach both original content and to make it easier to deliver original content to the right audience. If we come to the constantly updated algorithms section; they are good in every way when you look at it … But this doesn’t change the brain-burning aspect of SEO. Just like a jungle of impeccable beauty, very enjoyable to explore, but please don’t get lost.