Even if we don’t like SEO, it should love us! To become one of the popular and trendy parts of the digital world, it is unfortunately not possible to run an order independent of SEO to increase both our awareness and our financial potential. As such, it is inevitable to brighten and make visible the stars of the digital universe, namely the contents.


So, what steps should be followed to create content that SEO will enjoy? Is it possible to follow the ever-changing rules and renewed algorithms and positively complete our quest to find a planet for ourselves in this complex universe? Here we will look for the answer to this question and we will tell you 5 steps to produce SEO-compatible content!


1-Awesome Titles Will Bring Awesome Rankings!

Before starting the content, we are sure that you will have a certain keywords scale and conscientization criteria by harmonizing this scale with SEO. Although this is the unattractive part of the job, we have the freedom and responsibility to choose the words we will choose for what we will write about, the story those words will create, and the title of this story.


We should choose such a title for the story we will create that it should be both interesting, that is, clickbait, and it should immediately inform us of everything that will happen in the content, like a slogan. Besides all this, SEO should also like this title… Should they? Dear content creators; actually we are making the biggest mistake here. Do not forget that; All defined rules of SEO are determined so that the user can take the happiest steps safely in the Google world… If the user, the reader, can love us, how can SEO not?


If we want to choose awesome titles for content and be clicked without stopping, the only thing we need to consider is; The title we chose does not exceed the specified 69 characters! If we can fill the bottom of the selected title in an original way, it does not matter whether it contains keywords or whether the content has been produced with similar titles. As long as we can choose creative, unusual, and impressive titles that stimulate the impulse to select and click even though people do not know what is in any content that they encounter in the same setting, we have already completed the first stage of SEO compatible content.


2-Pay Attention To These While Publishing!

In the second stage, the issues we need to consider when publishing the content come to the fore. We have great content, but if we do not complete the steps to make it easier for SEO to synchronize while publishing this content, we may be disappointed. A few important criteria stand out here…


Page layout:

In addition to keeping the content as simple and legible as possible, the way it is displayed is also very important. Many things such as paragraph lengths, the spacing between lines, selected font, font size should be designed carefully and integrated into all published content.


Headline and content images:

A love for Shutterstock has taken its toll. Although it seems more logical to buy images for a fee than using the image downloaded from Google, the selected stock images can make the job repulsive. As you know, these stock images are always cold, fixed in a certain frame, and edited in the same style, and the more we see these types of images, the more we are likely to get bored.


At this point, it is useful to treat the business just like a reader. Creating your own visual archive or using screenshots from high-resolution videos can provide great benefits in terms of SEO and originality. Make sure to write down this fine tip we gave you. 😉


META- Description

After the content is in perfect order; We can focus on the side criteria we need to publish it. Keywords, prominent summary sentences, meta, and descriptions… We should handle and design all these one by one just like a digital strategy without getting lazy. Every line we leave blank or incorrect information we enter on this screen returns to us as “non-compatible” contents. In publishing the content, it is very important to be aware of the seriousness of the job or to get help from the people who are there!


3-All Those Links You Use!

As you know, when creating content, we may sometimes use methods such as forwarding outsource links or navigating the site with internal links to the site reader. Although these are cute and useful, they can have ugly consequences if exaggerated.


To explain with an example:

Our topic is “writing content” and this topic is related to SEO and if you have shared content related to SEO on your own website before and you think that you will complete the information in your article about “writing content”; Instead of rewriting, you can direct the reader to this content.

In the links you direct out; It is of great importance to do so only in cases where you have to share exactly the same information with the main source. This is actually a way of saying I didn’t steal or copy this information, I borrowed it from here!


4-Find All Those Popular Blogs!

Frequently touring the blogs of companies or competitors serving in the same field as you and being aware of their most popular blog posts; SEO is very important in terms of producing compatible content. Trying to understand the points that make all those popular content popular and to construct our next content much better than this content; Rather than helping us stay one step ahead of our competitors; It can also help us gain higher scores from SEO.


5-Your Web Design Should Contain All That Great Contents

You are a store that sells great products, but both the showcase and the decor of the store are very bad and unappealing. Do you think someone would go in and be interested in the products you sell? Maybe, if you’re really lucky. Are you sure that your website and infrastructure can handle them while you continue to produce amazing content just like a popcorn machine? What all this wonderfully designed content will look like on this website. Will it match your web design and brand identity?


If the panel, domain, infrastructure, theme you use, all of them are not compatible with each other and do not progress flawlessly, the content you write may crash on the way to being SEO compatible. Remember that making sure that all the software and even plugins you use will not pose a problem during SEO optimization is as important as gifting bright stars to the digital universe!


If you have any questions about SEO and SEO friendly content, share them with us! Also, do not hesitate to communicate with us and get help from our team to produce star content for your brand.