Let’s take here those who want to keep up with the constantly updated and changing world of SEO… We have previously discussed many different topics about the SEO world in our blog posts. If you are curious about this, be sure to check it out.


If today; We would like to talk about what should be considered in order to create an efficient process on SEO. While you think that everything is progressing flawlessly, some overlooked details may also emerge. What might these be and how can they be noticed? Lead Gate Media will tell you exactly these basic topics…


Is Your Content SEO Friendly?

While writing your content, you are based on certain SEO criteria, make certain keyword analysis and set up various strategies. In addition, we set some extra criteria for our SEO website to offer a “user friendly” experience and we need to integrate them into our content. At this point, if we fail to create a fixed and specific concept and story, it can be difficult to focus on all these criteria at once.


Instead of waiting for reports and evaluations to appear in order to understand whether your content is SEO friendly or not, it is possible that we can take action from the beginning. One of them is; to be specific! Creating great content means creating a concept that will provide insight, knowledge and value to your target audience. To do this, you need to understand your target audience and your readers correctly.


Discovering what the visitors take on your website and starting to produce content that meets these expectations allows you to fulfill one of the basics that SEO needs. Once you learn more about your audience, be sure to research your competitors and the content they create.


In addition to these; SEO will also love to identify content gaps that your competitors have not evaluated before and try to get uncompetitive traffic. Choose your formats wisely. Determine your media and communication channels correctly. Create a layout specific to the platform on which you publish your content and never neglect updates.


Focus on SEO From The Start

After determining the content language and concept and after setting up a keyword strategy, it is one of the common mistakes to look at the SEO criteria and organize an extra strategy in this regard. First of all, focusing on SEO criteria and then how these criteria can be evaluated in your service area is the right move!


Although it is helpful to center your content around a primary keyword and idea from the beginning; It would be that strange to make your content meet SEO criteria after you write it. Apply the readability quality, language and approach to your content, but don’t forget to re-optimize title tags, subtitles, meta descriptions, images to current SEO standards.

Have You Created a Sitemap?

Another overlooked SEO basics is; sitemap! You know that web browsers regularly visit your site and thus optimize and index your content. The best way to get your site indexed and move up in SERP results is to regularly generate new content and create a sitemap. Websites with sitemaps are crawled five times faster, according to statistics. In other words, creating a sitemap can give us more advantages and efficiency than we think.


A sitemap is basically a summary of the pages on your website and it’s a simple task that produces good results. Although it is the ideal method to create your sitemap before your site is published, it can also be edited during the design and publication phase. The important thing is not to skip this criterion and to clarify the content your company will place on the site. Besides all these, the sitemap will help you to eliminate unnecessary pages.


Be Careful About Duplicate Content

Finally, we want to remind you that duplicate content can have negative effects on your website and SEO optimization. We had already shared a detailed blog post on the damages of duplicate content before, but we thought that this issue should be addressed again, as the subject comes to SEO basics. Having duplicate content on your website does not bring any other gain than wasting time and resources. Sometimes we can produce content containing the same information or repeat the things mentioned in different sources without our knowledge.


Duplicate content is most harmful as it prevents search engines from identifying the correct page for indexing. If you don’t have a sitemap, you may be copying the content unknowingly. While producing the pages and contents you need, not neglecting to control them and not skipping the sitemap part is enough to eliminate this problem.


If there are other topics you want to know about SEO, you can leave it to a comment. The Lead Gate Media team will delightfully produce blog posts on topics you are curious about. We also offer you everything you want to know about the digital world and professional support. Don’t hesitate to contact us!