The way to build strong digital projects is to design strong SEO strategies. Of course, when it comes to SEO, nothing is as easy as it seems, but we want to remind you that if we can manage to move forward calmly and step by step, there are no difficulties that we cannot overcome. If you want to generate more organic traffic and add power to your digital project, just follow the 7 simple steps below!


1-Design Your Website Passionately!

It is one of the biggest mistakes we can make to design the cheapest, the simplest, the most practical website. If we want to create a system that can act in harmony with SEO, first of all, it is necessary to select and design our website in accordance with these conditions… In addition to looking original to web users, it is necessary to focus on panels and themes that will refresh and maintain their dynamism with constantly changing SEO algorithms and other updated tools, and to handle the website building phase with great passion and delicacy.


2-Do Your Analysis Correctly!

Google and web analytics are the best examples we can get support for understanding SEO and how it works. To browse the digital world of other companies serving in your field, to follow their websites and contents and to search on Google pages for prominent keywords can provide you with concrete information on many subjects.


The analysis and reporting part is a process that you need to take care of not only in the introduction to SEO, but also throughout the advancing digital workflow. If you can make the right analysis, it will be inevitable for you to set up the right strategies.


3-Keywords Comes, Keywords Goes…

Keywords are so valuable that they can turn into jewels for us if we use them correctly… Not only for us, but also for all web users and SEO! In fact, the designers of SEO have also designed keyword finding and determination tools and plugins suitable for every web concept, and even Adwords, another platform where we can determine the volume and values ​​of these keywords, is carefully presented and served by Google. 


It is inevitable to act in accordance with the ever-changing digital rhythm, since it is not a right strategy to stick to certain keywords and use them constantly… At this point, it is inevitable to create a list of temporary keywords and to produce dynamic content by constantly updating this list can help.


4-Optimize Gently and Correctly

As you know, the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to SEO is the optimization and synchronization processes that it performs. It is very important for you that your website and content can be correctly defined by SEO and that no problems arise during optimization. For this; It is beneficial to look at the algorithms that are constantly updated and the new web trends that are highlighted in order to act in harmony with SEO. Producing content in accordance with the basic rules of SEO and designing not only SEO but also the needs of the visitors will provide you with the advantages you need.


5-Create Different And Better Contents

Yes! We come again to the contents section, which are the most precious meteorites of the digital universe… There are always ways to make any content you need to design based on certain keywords more unique, different and better. Although this is in line with your creativity and experience, we cannot ignore that this job includes some technical tips.


Title, meta description, page layout, word count, etc. In the content section where many critical points stand out, it is not only important to produce awesome content, but also to publish and constantly update them. To regard creating a powerful SEO work, be you and never, ever get tired of producing different and quality content!


6-Don’t Forget To Get Help From Backlinks

We try to make use of links at every stage of our digital project for stronger SEO. These links are sometimes internal, sometimes directed to external sources that we get help from. While doing all of these, the moment comes and we can forget the existence of backlinks.


While backlinks can provide you with excellent opportunities to generate more visitors and traffic than you anticipate, they can come back as wasted content if you do not implement the right backlink applications. It is not just the content that is wasted, but the energy that we spend at all stages of the content. Even if you cannot get help from backlinks very often, never forget that you have the chance to reach the desired stage in a short time with a backlink project built correctly and strongly.


7-Create An Education Routine

SEO; Unfortunately, it is not an algorithm that we can understand correctly unless we receive the necessary education! Even just being educated in SEO is often not enough. It should become a routine for us to continue our education life uninterruptedly, to follow continuous updates and algorithms, and to brainstorm about this issue. We can do this alone, or it can be very beneficial to run it together with the digital team in our office.


Anyone working in companies that run a digital marketing strategy can be a graphic designer or a social media manager; Must know about SEO. You don’t need to be a full-fledged SEO guru, but just have enough knowledge to grasp the logic and framework of SEO. If you want to find your way through a vast forest without endangering, you need to know that forest well and face the changing conditions. SEO is just like that, in order to get to know it well and keep up with its changing world, you need to train yourself and brainstorm new trends by holding frequent meetings with your teammates. In short, it would be best to make education and activities a routine to become an SEO guru.


If you want to keep up with the ever-changing rhythm of SEO and design the most awesome strategies, you can request support by contacting Lead Gate Media’s dynamic team. Also, you can simply follow our constantly updated blog posts and social media accounts.