We talked about the importance of blogs and blog posts at least 100 times. Let’s not exaggerate, but we think that this figure is not exaggerated as the average number, as we will talk further. Actually, what we are doing now is to produce exactly qualified content. These words you look at and skim through serve as a first-hand example for you. Fluency, boring etc. aside from the end of these sentences, what you achieve is of great importance for both us and SEO.


Do you really like writing? Do you create content and want to be more creative and effective in this regard? Welcome to the club! Let’s bring you together with the nuances of writing the greatest blog posts right away…


Absolutely Perform Keyword Analysis

Before writing content, we need to do keyword analysis. There are tools such as Google Search, SEMrush, Searchmetrics, Ahrefs, SEOmonitor that we can analyze for keywords. Searching on Google is also a useful step. When we do any search on Google, we can also see linked searches and have broader ideas.


However, when conducting keyword and necessary research, the most important issue is not to follow these steps exactly, and to use similar content we see only for the purpose of getting ideas. In fact, in order to produce original content, browsing through all the content written and referring to the points and details that have not been written before in our own content can make our content a perfect SEO friend.


When Choosing a Title, Make Sure You Can Fill Under

Unless a proper title is chosen, the content will not attract the attention of people and will not be clicked, even if the content is valuable. It should be intriguing when choosing the title. It usually coincides with great titles and when we click inside, we see that the content consists of only the title. Proper selection of the title will definitely affect the CTR, that is, clicking, but in the continuation of the content, both filling under of the title correctly and concentrating on the necessary information without being too scattered are other points to consider.


It should not be neglected to include keywords in the title and subtitle, but it should not be too hard to place the keywords in the content. This can be both transgression and negatively affect the flow of content. Apart from SEO, it should always be our priority to keep the user satisfied with the content!


Pay Attention To The Format of Content and Layout

One of the most important points in creating a perfect blog post is that it is easy to read. Using bullets makes the content easier to read and makes scanning by eye much easier. Writing the content in paragraphs will make it easier to read. It is necessary to pay attention to make sure that these paragraphs are not too long and eyes are not bleeding… And it is still very important to divide the paragraphs in the right places and not create a narrative disorder.


After writing the content, be sure to read it over and over again and even read it aloud. When doing these readings, always go for simplification. Removing one or a few words from the sentence is called “simplification”. However, if the meaning of the sentence is not broken when we delete these words, we can simplify. This makes it easy to read and helps us create a fluent content language.


Avoid Encyclopedic Language!

Although the purpose for writing content is an element that you should pay attention to at this point, but very formal and written content only for the purpose of providing information, it can be extremely raw. It is important to soften the language of the content and to create a sincere and warm communication ground with the reader.


Ask questions. Include your own ideas. Be careful to point out that the content is created by a human and that person cares about the reader. If you’re not producing content for official agencies, be creative with language and concept. While creating content for different brands, do not forget to update this language according to the brand story and character. Create content not only to provide information, but also to create a healthy communication framework. Take advantage of the power of storytelling and get support for more creativity. Don’t forget to enjoy every step of writing. Make sure to read a lot when you are not writing. This improves both your vocabulary and technique. Sometimes it may be necessary to read 100 pages to write 1 page. But this is the most basic and enjoyable aspect of producing a perfect blog post and getting efficiency bundled!


If our content has managed to impress and inform you, do not neglect to interact and comment. Thus, we can make more accurate analyzes on our content performance and reach the motivation we need to produce even more efficient content. 


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