What should you do when you need a digital agency as a brand? As you can see, we are here with another curious question. Again, we will try to give you small tips and some suggestions. Our topic is the digital world again!


There are obvious advantages to working with a digital agency, but don’t you think there are downsides? Of course there is. Even nowadays, people who have a little knowledge are trying to establish digital agencies and provide services in various fields, and if we do not have enough information on this subject, we trust them and deliver our brand.


Rather than whether it is good or not, it is important to know whether there is an agency that suits us and our brand principles and to follow the path accordingly. So how can you find the most suitable digital agency for your company? Here it is…


Make Your Own Research

Of course, it is important to do some online research before taking action! The most important thing while doing these is to look at how digital marketing agencies execute their own strategies. Their performances in social media, other brands they work with and the projects they run on the web give us a lot of information about them. Although they do not offer everything they promise in a short time, it is inevitable that they will complete the necessary steps for our brand in the long run.


If the performance they offer in terms of SEO is also sufficient, these agencies will appear on the first page of Google with certain keywords and will be able to show themselves with fascinating designs. Thus, you will be able to understand that you have chosen the right digital marketing agency.


Ask Those Questions

If we have enough information so far, agency communication is next. When communicating with them, we need to focus directly on the answers to 5 questions. If they can complete these 5 elements in a short time and satisfactorily, you can move on to the second stage with them. 🙂


Can I see some campaign examples?

Who will be completing the work?

How long do you keep clients for on average?

What results can you promise me?

How will results and ROI be measured?


Let’s Have A Deal!

In the last stage, it is necessary to hold a meeting with the digital agency and receive a long-term project request. At this point, never meet with the agency that says let’s meet you immediately. Digital agencies need a period of at least 1 week after listening to you and your requests. This is their process of researching and developing a customized strategy on behalf of your company. When you meet after 1 week, they talk, not you. At least, they come up with a 3 or 6 month project design and make certain demands from you.


These requests include permission for certain changes, instructions to access your website and social media, a digital presentation of your brand identity and story, and a path to follow in a 3-6 month period. At this point, the agency offers you an estimated number of positive returns at the end of this process, but this performance is never guaranteed. Can’t be! They say 1 million followers will come to you, but there are many variables involved. For this reason, a minimum 1-year study period is actually required. Thus, things are settled for both sides.


Advertising projects are generally designed weekly or monthly. Advertising is generally not included in their offer to you. Since the expenditures to be made in the advertising world may change from time to time, they only give an estimated price or plan an advertising campaign over the budget you offer. This first meeting you will hold a project and presentation. If an agreement is to be made, all details of this project and presentation are rescheduled and delivered to you in the second meeting as a detailed presentation. And so you will seed your first digital world.


As long as you pay attention to the above-mentioned issues, you do not have to doubt that you have reached the right digital marketing agency and are on the right track.


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