As a digital technology company that constantly shares up-to-date blog posts, even we sometimes have to address the same points on some issues. Even if we do not want to repeat these titles or the information in the content deliberately, the issue is not handled in that way during SEO synchronization, and our content that we produce with care can be labeled “duplicate” and can negatively affect both our website traffic and our SEO scores. Also, we come across websites that include topics that other sources have already mentioned on their blog.


What negative consequences do duplicate contents cause? Is it possible to eliminate these negative effects? Lead Gate Media shares the steps you need to follow in this matter right below…


How To Avoid Duplicating Your Own Content?

What should we do if we want to avoid duplicate content? Repetition may become inevitable, especially for companies that produce dozens of content throughout the day. In such cases, it is of great importance to constantly check how we archive the content that has actually been written and the published content. Thus, it is easier for us to understand and follow whether we have talked about that issue before or not. On the other hand, if we work with a content team and produce content independently of each other, things get messed up again. Even if everyone works on different topics, there may be a conflict of information in the content. In this case, we can suggest you use the search panel.


If you archive your content online; before starting any content, instead of doing research on that subject, go directly to the archives, enter your title in the search section and see if you have mentioned similar topics before. Then repeat this for published content by visiting your website. If you know what you’ve been talking about before on any topic, you can easily understand what not to talk about in the new content.


How To Avoid Creating Duplicate Content?

In the second stage, let’s focus on how to deal with the part of not including the same information with other content on Google instead of repeating it… You already know that a strict Google search is required for this. It is inevitable to produce content by using certain keywords to proceed in harmony with SEO. However, the same keywords may have been used millions of times before. Now, you will need to make a list of competing websites or companies and constantly browse the content these websites generate about certain keywords. If you know what your competitors are writing and address the points they haven’t mentioned before, your content will be ready to stand out because it will be both unique and different.


What If You Duplicate Content?

While the similarity of the content only affects our SEO scores and our rankings on Google, the information and images in the content, copied from another place, can put us in more troublesome situations. The constant repetition of this can eventually lead to some content or the entire blog page being banned.


We are sure that you will necessarily need to provide precise information on some topics. For example, the population of โ€‹the USA… If we have to copy this information from Wikipedia or a similar website, if we share the link to the source of information or cite the source, we probably won’t have any problems. On the contrary, giving a link out by specifying a source for information that must be included in the same way can even return us as plus points. The important thing is not to repeat this often and avoid producing content in the form of copy and paste exactly.


How You Can Solve Any Duplicate Problem?

If you do not copy and share content from somewhere else personally and still have any duplicate content problem; Perhaps, someone from your content team may be using copy/paste instead of inspiration. In such cases, the editor actually comes into play. The editor is responsible for editing and updating all the contents in line with a certain concept. This responsibility largely eliminates duplicate content.


If content that you haven’t copied becomes duplicate, you may have unwittingly typed any information exactly as someone else wrote it. In this case, the important thing is to copy and search the contents after writing them in small parts. If you encounter similar or the same results as the paragraphs you are looking for, update, and replace them before going online.


If your content has already been published and you noticed it afterward, don’t worry though! SEO always loves website updates! If you check your content and make minor updates often, this SEO will love it. For this reason, updating old content will give you an advantage. When you get a duplicate error, it will be the most accurate and simple solution that you will do to update the content instead of destroying it.


If you are more curious about the content world, you can share your questions with us and if you need support to produce the perfect content for your company, you can contact us and get help from our dynamic team.