When it comes to digital marketing, we are always around and try to help you on various issues. Today, we are here with a title that will warm you up and make your job easier; Most important digital marketing tools for beginners! Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong, for beginners … 

But of course this does not mean that your brand is new, it means that you are taking your first steps in the digital world. In our opinion, no matter what stage your digital project is, you always have the chance to move your brand awareness one step further with the various tools we will provide below.


So let’s take a look at these tools, which contain tiny surprises that the digital world offers us…



We can say that Woobox is one of the organic social media tools and perhaps the most efficient. This platform stands out as the perfect solution for hosting perhaps the best social contests, sweepstakes and especially Instagram contests. With WooBox, you can get support for all the details of a campaign you will carry out on behalf of your brand and carry out this process flawlessly.


Facebook’s Power Editor

We also recommend you use social media tools… But unfortunately this tool is not free like Woobox. But Facebook Power Editor, working directly with Facebook optimization, is one of the best digital marketing tools with no third-party fee to create and manage your advertisements.



If you have a business structure that progresses with the mailing system, then enjoy MailChimp. This tool, which provided 250 trillion mail services to its users last year, is perfect for reaching your potential customers in a short time without any spam problems and no additional confusion.


Oracle Maxymiser

If you’re familiar with website testing tools, you’ve probably heard of Oracle’s reputation before. This version, which comes out as a Maximiser version, goes far beyond the realm of landing page testing. This enterprise-level software solution was built to test multiple aspects of any given site and to run several different tests simultaneously.



When it comes to digital marketing, we could not pass without offering you a content creator tool. You are probably aware of Canva’s prowess. It is a free web-based design tool that you can use to create unique images to share on your blogs and social networks. It’s known as an effortless method to create completely unique images from scratch or to polish some photos you have at hand.



As you know, customer service tools constitute one of the important points of digital marketing. Especially for companies working on a data basis and needing potential customer support… Even though we can easily access many similar tools, Zendesk manages to provide peace and efficiency even with its name.


Zendesk provides a full suite of tools that can get your support team up and responding to all of your customer’s needs and also integrates with Sprout, which streamlines your social customer service efforts.


Screaming Frog

Finally, let’s talk about Screaming Frog, one of the search optimization tools… Screaming Frog is a spider tool that can quickly crawl websites, lists of websites or specific web pages to give you a complete analysis on their performance. Offering excellent side support for search marketers, this tool has a great performance, although it is not yet widely used. We recommend you to try.


Today, we talked about various tools that you can use in almost every area of ​​the digital world. We hope you found this content useful. If you have any comments and opinions, don’t neglect to let us know and please stay tuned for our new contents.