Our topic today is digital marketing budgets … While some companies cannot make the right investments and have difficulties in their budgets, some companies invest too much without having any budget problems, but they cannot get a return. While it is of great importance to set digital marketing budgets and correctly define what and how much you will invest and how to make a profit; It can be just as difficult to keep all control in our hands.


For this very reason, Lead Gate Media shares with you what you need to create your own investment flow in the changing digital order. How to make every dollar count? How to bring more potential sales? All the answers you are looking for are just below …


What Is Your Overall Marketing Budget?

While investing in the digital field does not require fine calculations for large companies, it is so important for small businesses to be able to progress with minimal numbers in the field of digital marketing. We have the chance to adjust and plan our marketing budget, but at the same time, we may have to cut down on the other side while investing somewhere, or we may be faced with options that are unwittingly exceeding our budget.


When calculating our digital marketing budget, it is necessary to clarify what our company needs, what our priorities, and how much we can spend on them. When all these issues become clear; It is necessary to evaluate the external factors that we need to consider. The most important of these external factors is the target audience. Do we have a specific target audience or are we in the process of creating a target audience? Because the difference between these two can cause a significant change in the direction of the marketing strategy we plan.


Where Is Your Target Audience?

Whether we have a target audience or not, accurately identifying who they are and where they can be and where they provide great benefits in terms of controlling your marketing budget. Knowing the ways in which the current audience interacts, understanding what age range and where they live are the points that we need to pay attention to … While most companies invest in advertising campaigns at wide intervals, ads do not reach the right people, although they do not reach the right people. can also cause.


For example; Your target audience is between the ages of 18-30, but if you allow everyone between the ages of 18-65 to see your ads, you will also pay advertising fees if people who do not need your service click. Another point to consider at this point is fake accounts. Advertisements we run through social media; While we are targeting above 18 years of age, it can reach audiences under 18. The main reason for this is that anyone younger than 18 who opens a social media account is entering the wrong date of birth.


Although it may seem difficult to control all of these, actually setting priorities can make it easier. This actually means the following; If we are organizing an advertising campaign targeting over 18 years of age, it may be more effective to present it to the masses, not via Facebook, but perhaps via Google ads. In this regard, it seems the best way to get to know the audience and to consult the support and opinions of experts in this field to manage the entire marketing process on your behalf.


Try To Experiment With Minimum Budgets

If you want to keep your digital marketing budget under control; It would make sense to start with minimal budgets and experiment with a variety. Although it is not a very right choice to get excited and start by making large investments with comprehensive advertising projects. It can cause negative effects in such cases as not having enough followers, making minor mistakes in the fictional part, etc. Eventually, you can cause the process to become regretful.


Even though social media ads seem simple, they have such a complex system that our budget can quickly go beyond the targets or be insufficient. Especially in recent years, the biggest reason for this is the desire of even personal accounts with very few followers to advertise with small budgets and try to reach more followers. After calculating all the details about your digital marketing strategy and budget, experiment with short-term and low-budget ads. Evaluate the results you get during these small experiments and base your next big advertising investment on them.


Buying Followers and Likes is Not Digital Marketing!

Although many brands and companies work with digital agencies, they ignore their warnings and resort to fake methods such as buying followers and like in order to grow rapidly. As this has many negative effects on us, the most important factor is that it makes future planned digital strategies impractical. Since all of the purchased followers are non-real users, it is not possible for them to like or comment on our posts, that is, to interact with us. In the absence of interaction, we have less chance of reaching more audiences, on the other hand, the bot accounts defined for you are deleted from the system over time, and the followers you have disappeared. At this point, any advertising strategy you will make cannot find the opportunity to work correctly.


Instead of buying likes or followers, it would be more accurate to aim to reach real followers by constructing more frequent and intense advertising strategies, and it is even possible to get cheaper than the budgets spent to buy followers. If you want to keep the expenses in your digital marketing budget under control and calculate correctly, never, ever, do not enter into situations such as buying followers and likes, and do not risk the future of your company profiles.


The Most Affordable Marketing Method: Content

Content is the most affordable and even free marketing method known in the digital world. Content marketing is essentially a marketing tactic that will take up most of your digital marketing budget. If it is not possible to create a content marketing budget, you can apply to content concepts on behalf of organic traffic and reach a smaller audience at zero cost. But if you can find opportunities and create a budget; You can allocate this budget to the following areas: Content creators. 


Content creators produce content that is compatible with SEO and suitable for advertising for you, and they can edit these contents in a way that will activate your target audience. Not only blog content and social media posts, but they may also undertake responsibilities such as producing written content, images, and video content and writing advertising texts. 


Social media experts, data experts, and creative directors who know how to use tools that facilitate content marketing are real and expert people and can guarantee you the return on every investment you make. At the same time, the people you will receive support in this regard do not take into account the time they will spend to manage your various content marketing campaigns and they will continue to provide unlimited service and follow-up every step until the end of the work.


If you also want to set up your digital marketing budgets correctly and keep the account of every dollar you spend transparently, you can contact our team that designs perfect digital strategies. You can find everything you wonder about the digital world in our updated blog posts and follow us on our social media accounts. Also, please do not hesitate to leave us a comment on the answer to any question you have!