Should I Buy Solar Leads?

As a solar company, you may want to follow all the steps in the digital world and make your own marketing strategy. But when it comes to generation leads, “Should I buy solar leads?” comes to your mind, whether you want it or not. As a company, is there anything you can do about it? Or do you need support from a solar lead generation company?

If you are also experiencing this dilemma, it would be good to take a look at the detailed explanation below.

Can I Generate My Own Leads?

Of course! But you have to keep in mind how difficult and complex this will be. Of course, it is not possible to be sure about the efficiency you will get. As you know, advertising is not what it used to be in the digital setting. When people need a solar panel, they start by doing a web search. This is why web generated solar leads are now the best source of solar leads. So in this case, it’s much more sense and affordable to buy solar leads than generate your own!

How About Google AdWords

Of course, we can’t ignore the advantages and opportunities offered by Google AdWords. For this reason, when it comes to buying solar leads, companies again ask like; “I wonder if I can develop my own solar leads strategy with the help of Google Adwords?” Yes, it is certainly possible, but keep in mind at this point that you have to spend per qualified customer and this will cost more than the buy solar leads from a lead generation company.

Another challenge you will face with AdWords is that new AdWords accounts tend to buy clicks that experienced advertisers don’t want, because they neither translate into leads nor sales. Even if you take this risk and the expense you will make, it will be harder to reach the potential audience than you expect.

How Profitable Is It To Buy Solar Leads?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to give you a clear fee or number. Because these issues may vary depending on both the demand and the company providing the service. But according to the general calculations made in 2020; Even if only one of the 20 people you buy turns into a sale, it is possible to get 100% return on the money you spend.

Nowadays, it is possible to do this computational online via a calculator. So by partnering with the best solar leading vendors, you can observe how much profit you are missing and find out various price details easily.

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