In our previous articles, we talked about how important lead generation is, especially for roofing companies. We also mentioned the tricks of purchasing roofing leads. Today we will talk about 5 ways to sell roofing leads.


What needs to be done to stand out in the digital world where almost everyone follows the same strategies? We are sure that you are also curious about the answer to this question. Don’t worry, we share the answers right below …


Trade Shows To Sell Roofing Leads

Although this option is outside the digital world, it is a method that will have positive effects in the digital world. If you have the chance to participate in a trade fair, you can announce it by sharing it on your social media accounts and attract potential customers to that direction. You can even use the videos and images of your promotion during the fair for a long time both on social media and while mailing, and offer small gifts to people who will visit you at the fair.


Design Your Website With Care

Of course, you need to have a website first. If not, you can start from there. Because the positive effects of the website or landing page you will create on possible roofing leads sales are quite high. If you are working with a lead generation company, they will take care of this part for you. In any case, don’t forget to include the following important details on your website!


  • Your logo and phone numbers at the top‍
  • ‍A captivating headline
  • ‍An enticing offer (Give something away for free like a roof estimate or inspection.)
  • Eye-catching images (Think of your image as a second headline.)
  • ‍An informative video


Optimize Your Keywords

We detailed the importance of keywords in the articles we talked about digital marketing and SEO. Different keywords stand out for each line of business and these keywords have different volumes. Identify the “basic” keywords that form the basis of your website and allow SEO to get to know you better. Set up the strategies that will highlight these keywords correctly. Thus, you can reach the potential audience quickly and in the right way, and increase your roofing leads sales organically.


Test Your Campaign

We don’t need to mention the importance of supporting your roofing leads sales with campaigns. But make sure the campaigns are working properly. Check your ads multiple times for errors and don’t forget to view how they will appear when they appear in a search. It might be a good idea to create multiple variants of each ad for testing purposes to see which of your approaches are most inspiring, informative and capable of producing quality roofing.


Use Social Media More Effective To Sell Roofing Leads

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook likes are known as powerful advertising tools that are mostly free to use. While your projects and strategies on social media are moving in the right direction, remember that you always have a chance to do more. You can follow these steps to use social media more effectively.


  • Answer customer questions on Facebook Live
  • Post before and after pictures and customer testimonials
  • Create a blog and post on your roof company’s social media
  • Browse other pages for ways you can help users who are not following you


We have shared with you 5 ways you can apply to support your sales. If you need any further infos about how to sell roofing leads, you can easily contact us. If you are satisfied with our suggestions, don’t forget to leave like and comment, and follow us on social media!