What is digital marketing? The answer to the question can create an entire universe in your mind. A universe in which all kinds of flows, exceptions and trends rapidly accelerate… A digital universe that has a great role in technological and economic fields! As you can imagine, there are thousands of planets in this universe. In this case, the information we will give you may be limited.


What if instead we give you the formula for how to create your own answers? You may want to take a look at the digital world or be climbing the first steps… But it is certain that you can easily create your own universe with the “3-step what is digital marketing” formula we will share below.


First Step: You Can Do It, By Yourself!

You don’t need to be company, group, team, or community. You don’t need to be an agency employee or owner, either. This is actually the first answer to the question of what is digital marketing. It’s like an arm within easy reach of anyone… An arm that will pull you out of any cliff you’ve fallen into.


Google, one of the giants of the digital marketing world, has brought this fiction to such a point that everything digital has the potential to interact with the user (us) easily. This potential is such a potential that it has a dynamism that constantly updates itself in line with the user’s wishes and movements. Do you think this thing we’re talking about sounds like the real time world?


It is a system completely inspired by us and our technological mutation… We are the ones who create and manage the digital market. If we wish; We can easily create our own digital marketing project (just like we do now) and share it. Content, social media posts, all videos that are live or not… Every keyword and question sentence we write on the search button, the links we click and the online expenses we do… All of these are basically the basis of this business. (for both users and brands)


So, if you want to see the answer to what is digital marketing; you can take a look at the limits and boundaries of your digital world, regardless of any purpose or profit.


Second Step: Online or Digital?

Are both sides of the coin the same? Before answering this, let’s focus on the difference between online marketing and digital marketing… As we mentioned above, we (the users) create the agenda, borders and foundations of the digital market. Of course, we do this by staying online! Every step of our surfing during our online time is memorized for analysis. The only reason for these analyses is to customize the digital world in a way that suits us. The roads we pass on the online map determine our future route.

“Your favorites”, “you like these”, “mutual friends”, “people you may know,” “search history” and all kinds of interest… These are actually links between online users and the market. In short, we can say that online marketing is the bridge that stores personal data, analyzes and presents them to the digital market in a certain order. There’s a lot of traffic but no gain.


You earn money when you go beyond personal sharing and appeal to the audience. So when you analyze your own users just like online marketing… At this point, the business naturally turns into digital marketing. What you are selling can be a blog, a profile, or a product. It offers you the potential to win and to earn. So basically, we need to analyze our online market’s profile to reach the second step of what is digital marketing.


Step 3: The Main Keyword

When we come to the third step, we now know our online map and we are aware of which side of the digital market we are on. Now it remains only to create our target audience. At this point, the situation naturally goes beyond sharing your favorite images on Instagram or sharing videos on Youtube… It comes to the audience that all this will reach and the gain that this audience will bring! Thus, the post or digital project is rescheduled according to the audience. Although it is possible to carry out this personally, brands get support from digital agencies, technology agencies or lead companies for these plans and projects. Thus, the issue turns into a large-scale and budgeted digital sales project.


Whether it is a brand or a profile, while determining the basis and value of a sales project in the real world, the “product” turns into a “keyword” in the digital world. The main keyword, the associated keywords, their potential and their value are the key factors in reaching the right audience… And then it comes to decide the way; “How can this keyword reach the right audience?” For this, first Google (AdWords, Analytics, Marketing & Advertisement), then it is necessary to dive into the SEO world, which is the most powerful memory in the world.

So basically in the third step we understand that the best way to find out what is digital marketing is to create a digital market… And if you decide to do that, don’t hesitate to check our article;  Welcome To The Jungle: The Importance of SEO!