Dwell time is one of the important points for our websites and SEO. The fact that the time people who come to the website, spend inside is so important, is that it proves that these contents attract the user and are found useful during SEO optimization. If users navigate quickly and leave the site, it is because they did not have sufficient information and help.


Imagine it for yourself. When we visit a website, we first take a look at the opening speed, page layout, information it contains and its design. If these do not satisfy us, we will quickly turn to different websites. Dwell time is actually designed to reveal the potential of our website and is among the rules requested by SEO. In fact, it is one of the priority optimization rules. Considered to increase the user experience, dwell time is evaluated and scored based on the reactions of users to our website.


Waiting time and how to increase waiting time are often neglected elements of search engine optimization. Above, we tried to brief you on dwell time and its importance. Don’t you want users to browse for a long time on your website or blog and enjoy it? So, what should be done to raise the dwell time criteria and rise to the top rankings in Google searches? What should we pay attention to?


Just below, we will share 10 important details with you and we will try to help you in this regard…


  • Providing an Excellent User Experience


It is necessary to construct the infrastructure and theme in an interesting way to make the user experience perfect. The homepage of our website is like a store window for us. It is important to create a homepage in the style of the shop window in order to attract the customers.


  • Creating Relevant and Engaging Content


After the first interaction, the user is directed to issues such as research, reading and getting information, which are the reason for visiting the site. At this point, it is necessary to confront our target audience with content of quality and competence that matches our mission. So we can think of this situation as including quality products in our store.


  • Layout

Even if the design is great, if we can’t move forward in a certain order on the site, the design doesn’t mean much. Make sure your content stands out and is easy to consume. You can write the best content in the world, if it makes people dizzy trying to read it, they won’t.


  • Mobile Optimization


One sure way to keep your standby time at zero on mobile devices is to have an unresponsive website. Find out what makes a website mobile-friendly and implement it.


  • Ads and Popups


While pop-ups can be absolutely necessary when building an email list, they can also be annoying. This is the same for ads. Therefore, Chrome will start blocking them or users will block ads if they are too intrusive. Google has already started penalizing ads last year. When using both, make sure they do not interfere with user experience.


  • Understand Your Users


The first way to fulfill your user intent is to understand what it is. If you can get into your audience’s mind and understand what they are looking for, you will be better equipped to give it to them. Progressing without going beyond your mission and vision is important for both brand image and user experience.


  • Write Longer Content


Longer posts get you + points from SEO as they allow you to dig deeper into a topic and answer more questions from your readers. Do not compromise on quality for the long content. Include long and qualified content on your website from time to time, though not always.


  • Target The Right Keywords


Keywords in your title and description are the first way to tell what your content is about. If you don’t keep this promise in the end, visitors will split in droves. As a result, your waiting time will decrease. Don’t do this, never do it.


  • Stay Updated


Outdated content is one of the best ways to drive visitors to the back button. There is nothing more disappointing than clicking on an article and realizing that it is terribly outdated. Update your content from time to time and don’t forget to keep your website up to date.


  • Respond To Questions and Comments

The most important conversation takes place in the comment section. If people interact with your articles, the worst thing you can do is ignore them. By responding quickly, you can also help new users who come to the website access your comments and get more information.


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