Although marketing is a large field, there are some tips and activities that marketers should automate. We can list these tips for you forever, but we cannot promise you how much you can get from which ones!


For this reason, today we decided to focus on 10 of these outstanding options that definitely make a positive return. After all, not only the investment made, but also the reward of labor is priceless for us. So here you go, follow the 10 important digital marketing steps below that will make your brand one of the shining stars of the digital world…

  • Collect Data


The experience of every customer who receives service from your brand is completely personal. For this reason, we think that there is no need to argue about the advantages of personal information and personal data to your job. You can both collect data and analyze them easily through many different channels. Some popular data collection points that can help you to understand your customers are: Website forms, online searches, mobile use, social media, etc.

  • Create Content


But not all kinds of content, of course… Qualified content! For this, it is very important to work with content creators who understand SEO and optimization and to plan your keyword strategy correctly. If you pay attention to these two things, you can increase the natural traffic to your site with your original contents. And it also highlights awareness of your brand.awareness.

  • Collect Reviews


As we have mentioned many times before, creating and presenting an interactive digital environment is one of the methods defined as user friendly today. Naturally, it stands out as an important and special step for marketing. With your customers reaching you online and making positive comments, you can easily raise your potential customer bar.

  • Care About Special Days


You have the chance to win both the attention and sympathy of people with small gestures on special days. With the data you collect, birthday messages or mailing you will design for various special occasions; You can easily give this message, “Hello, we are here and we care about you!”

  • Adapt Yourself To Lifecycle


As you know, people are changing rapidly, or people’s lives. Being aware of this inevitable cycle of change and adapting yourself will come back to you as a plus. In your customer list, you will come across those who got married, moved, started a new life or changed their preferences and interests. At this point, use automated tools to understand how your customers are changing, and adjust your offer to satisfy these changes.

  • Use Events


As you know, there are many tools on the market that will work in harmony with your website and take it one step further. Use automated event tools to send invitations, confirm if your guests are coming and remind them about dates and times of upcoming promotions or events.

  • Mailing For Sales


Mail is still one of the most powerful digital weapons today. Because it is known that everyone has an e-mail address and they are constantly online on this channel. So be you and as a company, don’t leave this part blank. Remember that automated sales emails are a great opportunity to educate your customers about your products and policies.

  • Mailing For Post Sales


It would be nice to remind your customers and show that you remember them, not only until you provide the service, but also after you provide the service (even after a long time). Remember to ask if your customers are happy with your product and if they can tell their friends about you. This is considered a method that definitely works.

  • Welcome Them Strongly


A strong first impression is of great importance to your brand. Concentrate on the first impression you will make while hosting your customers and practice them. E.g; activation campaigns will allow you to introduce your company better, explain how your customer can get the most out of your product or service.

  • Don’t Skip To Re-Marketing Part


One of the most efficient things you can do for this is to use an automatic re-marketing campaign to reacquire these customers before they go to a competitor. Confronting your customers with re-marketing is perfect to make you leave more permanent marks in their memory.


We have come to the end of our positive advice that will strengthen your steps in the marketing world. We tried to share 10 important steps to compete in digital marketing with you… Don’t neglect to contact us for any questions you have and stay on track for our new contents.